Organic Sanitary Pads [Pack of 30]

Organic Sanitary Pads [Pack of 30]


Healthy & Wise?

Yes, Because it’s made with Biodegradable & Compostable Ingredients


Bamboo Fiber |  100% Organic Cotton
How to Choose a Size ? | Find Information Below

1) Heavy Flow [ 320MM] Day 1-2 & Night
2) Medium Flow [ 280MM] Day 4-5
3) Light Flow [ 240MM] Day 4-5 & Last Spotting

Pack of 12 : INR 275/-
Pack of 30 : INR 579/-

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Rash-Free, Hassle-Free – Care-Free!


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Bamboo Fibre

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Anion Strip

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Organic Cotton


Where regular pads are made using plastics and a host of chemicals that induce chances of skin
irritation and rashes, Silfyme Organic Pads are made using bamboo fibre and organic cotton that is
grown specially without the use of pesticides. Additionally, an advanced anion strip on every pad,
eliminates the chances of bacteria formation

In addition, pads are customized for heavy, medium and low flow, so you can choose what works
best for you. Also, the pads are completely biodegradable and are easily disposed.
Silfyme organic Pads are focused on enhancing menstrual hygiene and providing unparalleled
comfort to you and your skin, with only the goodness of nature

We really could tell you more about the softness and comfort, but we suggest you experience it
yourself 🙂


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10 Light Flow + 10 Medium Flow + 10 Heavy Flow, 15 Medium Flow + 15 Heavy Flow, All Heavy Flow, All Medium Flow, All Light Flow


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